What to Expect.

Here at Colorado’s Network for Developmental Disabilities, we believe that every child deserves to grow and flourish. This is especially true for those on the autism spectrum, those with Down syndrome or developmental disabilities. We want all kids to grow up in a healthy and happy way. That’s why most of our therapy programs take place right at home, where the child is comfortable and can learn basic skills that they’ll use on an everyday basis.

We also understand that teaching just the child can only go so far in their development. We welcome all parents as the expert on their child, we are experts in ABA and autism and here to provide parent guidance and training to improve relationships, access to community resources, and the skills and confidence to support their child for the years to come. But our education doesn’t just stop there. We also extend our reach to siblings, other therapy providers, educators and neighbors to help them better understand autism and how to help your child grow in a stable environment for their needs.

How We Teach

Our therapy is always in-home or the surrounding community to help teach your child in an environment that they are comfortable with and can challenge them in a natural way. Some of our teaching methods include:

• Pivotal Response Training (PRT)
• Verbal Behavior Intervention (VBI)
• Differential Reinforcement
• Task Analysis
• Discrete Trial Training (DTT)
• Incidental Teaching

Every child is different and has certain needs. That’s why we offer a variety of interventions to teach your child how to interact with the world around them. Using the above methods, you can be sure your child will grow in all of these areas such as:

• Communication
• Cognitive Abilities
• Emotional Development
• Social Development
• Increase Attention Skills
• Independence & Self-Care
• Patience
• Excitement/Happiness of Learning
• Learning Through Assimilation & Accommodation
• Applying What Is Learned

You Are Not Alone

Colorado’s Network for Developmental Disabilities (CONetDD)

What Sets Us Apart?

We offer in-home therapy to children 18 and younger across the autism spectrum so that your child is prepared to handle everyday situations. We also extend our services to children with other learning or developmental disabilities. We want to see kids thrive despite their circumstances, so be prepared for a thorough therapy session meant to enhance all areas of life your child may come across.

We want the families to be just as involved with therapy as the child. Your child comes in contact with you and their siblings, teachers, other therapy providers, and neighbors on a daily basis, so it makes sense for everyone your child comes across to know how to respond to situations that may arise. That isn’t saying we teach literally everyone your child meets, just the ones that are always in direct contact with them. We hope that you, the parent, are also enriched by our methods so that you can help your child grow when they graduate from our program. We truly want the lessons that we share with your child to stay with them for many years.

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Our Backstory and Philosophy

Angela Parrish founded Colorado’s Network for Developmental Disabilities (CONetDD) in 2018.  She is a Colorado Springs native, military spouse and mom to three closely aged children.  In 2005, one of those kiddos was diagnosed with autism just as the family was preparing for another military deployment and a new baby.  Today, she is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and has been providing ABA therapy to children with autism and other developmental disorders in Colorado Springs since 2010.

CONetDD’s mission is one of education and inclusion to help our students become unique, valued members of their community.  As a small and highly specialized agency CONetDD believes it is essential to offer the most effective, highly researched interventions to all students to strengthen their motivation and skills to be better communicators, self-advocates and more socially capable to meet the challenges of an ever changing world.

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