What Is ABA Therapy for Kids?

To give your child with autism the best opportunity to succeed in life, you must seek out the best treatment options. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Research Council, behavior and communication approaches that help children with ASD the most are those that provide structure, direction, and organization for the child in addition to family participation.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an effective and widely used treatment for children with autism and other developmental delays. ABA focuses on teaching new skills/behaviors and behavior modification while interacting with whatever your child likes the most. ABA builds upon what your child does well. This enables children with autism to continue expanding their strengths as they work toward developing new skills.

ABA therapy involves using differential reinforcement strategies to encourage new or desired behavior. Our learners will benefit from a structured environment tailored specifically for them and according to their specific needs. Each child has an individualized, comprehensive therapy program to help enhance quality of life, increase independence, and develop skills and confidence to ensure greater success now and in the future.

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When children struggle with autism or another developmental disability, they may benefit from the Colorado Network for Developmental Disabilities’ ABA therapy. We have many years of experience and dedication. We are also fully aware that each child is different. We help children build on their strengths so they can work towards developing new skills as well. Working together, we can give your child a brighter future.

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Colorado’s Network for Developmental Disabilities (CONetDD)

The Goal of Our ABA Therapy for Kids

The goal of our ABA therapy for kids is simple: to help your child reach their potential and be all they can be to open doors and heighten their quality of life.

Many parents wonder about the difference between ABA therapy and other therapies, such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc. In a classic sense, therapies have focused on what children could not do — how they could not speak, play or relate to others. Through many years of research and development, ABA therapy has emerged as a treatment that focuses on what children can do. We provide your children with the tools they need to become more successful in their daily lives, enabling them to seek success while also learning essential life skills.

We have been using ABA therapy to help children with autism for years, and we continue to help children today. This type of therapy works by teaching children using differential reinforcement to encourage continued development to help your child be a life-long learner and reach their true potential.

Colorado’s Network for Developmental Disabilities (CONetDD)

Your Role as a Parent

Developmental disability challenges can affect every aspect of the family dynamics, so our organization has accordingly included your role in the process.

Remember that the goals of ABA therapy are not only to promote a fulfilling life for the child but the whole family unit in general.

Because of that, we offer parent training. The primary goal is to empower you to respond appropriately to your child’s special needs and actions with appropriate tools and strategies. We will share important knowledge and techniques, teaching you how to effectively and positively impact your child’s development.

It is important to note that a child with developmental disabilities relies on their family or closest support unit. As such, your participation is imperative.

Although we do our best, bear in mind that your child’s progress doesn’t have to stop when they leave our premises. We will ensure that you get access to everything you need including professional services and a good support system.

We will provide you with ABA training and point you in the right for other types of resources and community support.

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